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Holly Shaltz, Fiberist
PO Box 136
Boyne City MI
49712 USA
(231) 582 3206
(231) 582 0426

I am available to present classes, guild programs and lectures, and workshops anywhere within the US and Canada. You may also enjoy working with me in my studio, located in the rolling, wooded hills of northwest lower Michigan, as part of a one-on-one or small group learning experience. Check my calendar to see if I'm available on the dates you desire.

These lists change from time to time as I add classes on request, if the material is something I'm competent in, so check back each time you're planning an event to see what's new. I provide samples, handouts, some equipment, and in some cases materials, for each presentation. Contact me for information on the cost of presentations, more information about the content of the classes such as equipment or facilities required, or to ask if I can present something not listed here.

A note on skill levels. It's important that each student be ready to work at the level specified. No teacher can do justice to the whole class when some of the students need skills they don't have. Likewise, equipment the student brings to a class should be in working order before the class begins.

All class levels may be suitable as a refresher class. I define the levels as follows:

  • Spinning: The student can spin a continuous yarn
  • Weaving: The student can warp a loom with assistance
  • Knitting: The student can do basic knit and purl
  • Spinning: The student can spin a consistent yarn
  • Weaving: The student can warp a loom for a variety of simple weave structures
  • Knitting: The student can follow knit patterns with little assistance
  • Spinning: The student can control the size and type of her yarn
  • Weaving: The student needs no assistance with most weave structures
  • Knitting: The student is familiar with most knitting techniques

2004 Teaching Calendar

This calendar will be updated each time my schedule changes.

  • May 15th, UP Spring Fling, near Pickford, Michigan
    I'll be back at the Spring Fling, a fun little fiber event sponsored by a spinning group in the UP. I'll be teaching "Twist and Ply", a class designed to combine the most important aspects of twist in spinning. Balanced and unbalanced twist in singles and plied yarns will be the major focus.

  • September 25, Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival, West Branch, Michigan.
    In its fifth year and growing every year, on what has to be the most beautiful fairgrounds in Michigan, the NML&WF is a small, intimate, and FUN fiber festival. I'm back again, teaching Spinning Great Sock Yarn Saturday morning, 9-12, and Spinning for Weaving Saturday afternoon, 1-4.